Call Before You Dig

You are required by law to notify the proper authorities three (3) days prior to any digging over 12 inches in depth. If you are planning any seasonal outdoor projects that involve digging, make the call to 8-1-1 before you begin. Your local utility companies will respond by identifying underground utilities and marking the approximate locations with designated flags or paint. Popular projects include planting trees and shrubs, installing a mailbox, planting a garden, improving drainage on your property, adding a pool, and/or a new construction project.

Homeowners should contact their state’s 811 center at least three business days before planning to pick up their shovels. Once the 811 request has been made, homeowners will receive instructions for how much time utilities companies have to respond to a request, and how to confirm that all utility companies have responded before moving forward with a dig.


PA One Call
811 or 1.800.242.1776


Ohio Utilities Protection Service
811 or 1.800.362.2764


811 or 1.800.272.4480


Miss Utility-WV
811 or 1.800.245.4848


Miss Utility
811 or 1.800.257.7777


Kentucky 811
811 or 1.800.752.6007

Be prepared to provide detailed information with your 811 request, including your name and contact information, the type of project you’re completing, where on your property the digging will take place and more. Within a few days, you may see some colorful flags in your yard:

  • White - Proposed excavation
  • Pink - Survey markings
  • Red - Power lines
  • Yellow - Gas
  • Orange - Communication (telephone/cable)
  • Blue – Water
  • Purple – Waste water
  • Green - Sewer lines

These organizations will notify your local electric, cable, gas, and telephone companies to mark their lines. This will ensure that you do not create a hazardous situation or interrupt service. For your safety, call before you dig!

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