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With Armstrong Voice Mail, you'll never miss an important message. Check your messages anytime, anywhere. There's no extra equipment to buy or maintain. Plus, Armstrong Voice Mail features many exciting new options including online account access, the ability to receive voice mails by e-mail and more. Here's a quick reference guide to using Armstrong Voice Mail by telephone.

Activating Voice Mail

To enjoy all the benefits of Voice Mail, log in to your account and enable voice mail today. To get started, click here. Next, select Manage Telephone from the My Account drop-down menu. You may be prompted to enter the Security PIN for your account. Next, select Voice Mail in the main left-hand menu then check Enable Voice Mail and click Save Changes. It's that easy.

Accessing Your Account

To access your Voice Mail from your home telephone, dial *98. If you are away from home, dial your home telephone number then dial * then enter your passcode and press #.

Note: The first time you access voice mail, you will need to enter a four-digit passcode. The default code is 1234.

Main Menu

Checking Your Voice Mailbox for Messages Armstrong Voice Mail will let you know when you have new messages. Your message indicator depends on the type of telephones you own. You will typically hear either a stutter-tone when you pick up your telephone receiver or see a message waiting light on the telephone indicating that you have new messages.

  • Access your account.
  • The attendant will notify you if you have new messages.
  • Dial 1 to review new messages.
  • Dial 3 to review other messages.
  • Dial 4 for mailbox settings.
  • Dial 6 to review deleted messages.

Message Playback Options

Skipping Back
  • While listening to a message, Dial 77
  • The system will rewind the message five seconds
  • Dial 1 to play the message from the beginning
Pausing Messages
  • While listening to a message, Dial 8
  • To resume message play, Dial 8 The system will play the next message in sequence or return to the last menu
Replying to Messages
  • After listening to a message, Dial 4.
  • Follow the instructions to compose and send your reply
Forwarding Messages
  • After listening to a message, Dial 6.
  • Follow the instructions to address and forward the message
Deleting Messages
  • After listening to a message, Dial 3
  • The message will be deleted when you hang up
Getting Envelope Information
  • After listening to a message, Dial 66
Saving Messages
  • After listening to a message, Dial 2
Skip Forward to Next Message
  • After listening to a message, Dial # for the next message
  • Dial 99 to skip forward five seconds
Reviewing Deleted Messages

You can review deleted messages only during the same call in which they were deleted. After the call ends, the message is deleted and is no longer available for review.

  • If you would like to review a deleted message, Dial ** to return to the Main Menu
  • Dial 3 to review Other Messages
  • The attendant will notify you if you have any deleted messages
  • Dial 6 to review deleted voice messages

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